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Los Angeles , the next step is navigating the waters. And perhaps the most important question is this: What impact will their coupling have on their approach to cases? When things go wrong, is it going to be the fault of that relationship? Now [Deeks] has this realization that [Kensi] is the most important person in the world to him. And I think it’s going to be the catalyst for a lot of mistakes. Other complications arise from the couple’s reluctance to share the news with their colleagues – who, let’s face it, have their suspicions already. I think she could see it coming a mile away.

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She controlled him; threatened him to do every mission. Will his friends notice before she gets him killed? Will Gibbs be able to protect Tony? Sequel to ‘In Too Deep’. It is recommended that ‘In Too Deep’ be read first. Each one is unpredictible as the next.

Leigh59 is a fanfiction author that has written 55 stories for Criminal Minds, Sherlock, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Blue Bloods.

Favorite Joined , id: Legendary Defender, and Kingdom Hearts. Miami, Mentalist, Psych, Monk, Redakai: Pasta Fave Steven Seagal Movie: Hard to Kill Fave Book Series: Aquarius Fave Color s: I love to read, write, play with plants, mythology, I’m trying to watch birds but they hide exceptionally well, bake Religion: Wiccan, unfortunately I happen to live with a family that doesn’t believe in stuff like that.

My eye sight is so bad I am considered almost legally blind and now must wear glasses all the time, which I detest. Clue Fave Comic Series: Sonic the Hedgehog Fave Manga: I’ve recently started up a fundraising site:

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But when Tony is kidnapped, he realizes there is so much more at stake. After Tony’s rescue, Gibbs devotes himself fully to his fallen agent’s care. Rated “T” because this ain’t no little kiddie show.

Kensi and Deeks have been taken. Things start to get confusing as the truth behind Kensi’s father’s murder comes out. People aren’t who they say they are, .

Los Angeles and characters do not belong to me. The Gibbs team from NCIS will also be mentioned in this story; they obviously do not belong to me either. All Kensi wanted to do was go home and take a nice, relaxing bath. She was almost to her car when… “Hey, Kens! I’m tired and I want to go home. After she said that she regretted it, because Deeks got a smile on his face and she knew he had a smart remark, before he even opened his mouth… “Want me to come with you?

We could think of ways to relax tog…” He didn’t finish the sentence as she hit him in the shoulder. I just…I…” He couldn’t seem to form the words of whatever he was trying to say. Not just our usual meal at your house or my apartment. Deeks seemed unsure and Kensi was shocked at what she had just heard. He looked back at her and she saw something in his eyes, but it had to be a trick of the light…right?

Their ‘thing’ was very real and it was obvious they both felt it. Her hand slipped down his arm, until his hand was in hers.


Every one spent alone. He exited the car and walked slowly to the door of the well-manicured home and rang the bell. He pulled up the zipper of his hoodie and bounced back and forth on each foot trying to stave off the evening chill.

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For being an idiot! A corrective action that consists of the following: Deliver slap directly to the back of the skull. Optional Ask some variant of “What are you, stupid or something? The slap is almost always Played for Laughs in some way; think of it as an attempt at Percussive Maintenance on somebody’s brain, and thus occasionally overlaps with Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! Another variation is a “shut up” poke to the ribs with the elbow.

Finally, it may also be performed simply by making a slapping motion in the direction of the target, without any actual physical contact occurring. It could be considered a subtrope of Slapstick. Also known by two other names: Back of the head’s a wake-up call. Which one of us hasn’t been on the giving or receiving end of this at least once? The complete inverse of Face Palm.

Life together “Densi FanFic”

Derek knew Tony would be a perfect fit to join him as a federal agent. There’s more than one possible romance happening if they are brave enough. T – English – Romance – Chapters: She doesn’t count on Dr. When Gibbs offers himself to save DiNozzo from an unpleasant fate, he suffers damage he could never have anticipated.

Leigh59 is a fanfiction author that has written 55 stories for Criminal Minds, Sherlock, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Blue Bloods.

Good for them, even though it took thirty freaking years. I protest I love thee. Why, then, God forgive me! What offence, sweet Beatrice? You have stayed me in a happy hour. I was about to protest I loved you. And do it with all thy heart. I love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest. Will They or Won’t They?

Writing Deeks: Deeks with… Another Woman?

How does our group of fan fiction writers feel about depicting a non-Densi relationship? A few brave writers have risked the wrath of the fandom and given us a Deeks or a Kensi who has loved someone else. Why would they do such a thing? And what kind of reaction did they get? We asked them all about it. The heat that used to radiate off of him and toward me was still there… but now it was no longer directed at me… and I suddenly wanted to cry my soul out.

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Little Wonders by imahistorian reviews “It’s the heart that really matters in the end. And both Kensi and Deeks learn a thing or two about enjoying the good things in life, including a night sky and each other. Post-Free Ride one-shot, Densi. Los Angeles – Rated: He’s flirted with crossing the line, stepped right onto it before backing away. But she was about to cross it, step right over it to the other side. An ex boyfriend, romantics nights together T – English – Romance – Chapters: Kensi and Deeks have been taken.

Things start to get confusing as the truth behind Kensi’s father’s murder comes out. People aren’t who they say they are, and the only people they can trust are each other.

The ballroom of the Hilton Hotel was beautiful; white walls, a polished hardwood dance floor, and crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Waiters in black tails were serving lemon water and white wine, bustling from table to table without stopping. As the NCIS team settled in their seats, Deeks noticed a string quartet setting up in the far corner of the room. The Secretary of the Navy and, presumably, his wife, were at a table up near the podium.

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Deeks and Kensi have been partners for a while; their relationship tumultuous and shaky. But when a special case comes along, one that unravels Kensi’s past living on the streets and forces them to go undercover, they begin their true love for each s:



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Kensi & Deeks wake up together – 6×16