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Sir Walter Scott J. We will compare the Masonic teachings from the above authors with what the Holy Bible teaches. God has repeatedly taught that we must weigh what someone is telling us against the clear teachings of the Bible. This week , we shall again be quoting from Albert Pike’s monumental Freemason book entitled, “Morals and Dogma of the Ancient And Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry,” considered by many to be the absolute authority of Freemasonry. Then, we shall be comparing these individual points with the clear and absolute teaching of the Holy Bible. Our subject this week shall be worship; Whom do the Freemasons worship?

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Is blindfolded, bound by a rope and has the point of a knife pressed to his. And then it hit me. On the nature of masonic associations which would change the position of. There were 6 villians and 6 boarders with 3 ploughs.

The Freemasons have a rich history dating back to the 16th century. Shop now for great deals on masonic jewelry for blue lodge, past masters, Shriners and Scottish Rite.

Exclusion is an insult, and those not in the know must learn the secret — or else they get creative with the truth. Thus since their conventional establishment in , Freemasons have been a whipping boy for paranoids. In reality, however, Freemasonry is a fraternal organization dedicated to charitable work. Also, Freemasons most likely descended from guilds established by Scottish and English stonemasons.

Highly skilled and valued, these stonemasons had plenty of work throughout history: Guilds wisely kept a lid on their lucrative trade skills, which were passed down through generations. In time, the stone work dried up, but the guilds and their compass-and-square symbolism, standard apron, and other rituals and imagery, stayed afloat as a fraternal order open to non-masons. On its website, the United Grand Lodge of England, the oldest and most respected Lodge in the world and the cradle of modern Freemasonry, denies being a secret society.

Other than that, everything is pretty much out in the open for folks to learn about. Some groups, including the Nazi regime, have used Freemasonry as a scapegoat to express their anti-Semitic views. Compelling stuff, primed to fool a towering intellect like Hitler. This denouncement is part of a long papal tradition denouncing the group, one that continues today: This is because they have been misinterpreted as anti-clerical, stemming in part from an early belief in the separation of church and state.

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After that, a blank. They have been in Ireland for more than years and have 22, members here — 6m across the world — yet few of the uninitiated know anything about the lodges or what goes on within their walls. It does little to detract from the rumours that persist that the Freemasons across the world are plotting to create a new world order, or that they have a hand in corruption in police forces andjudicial systems across the world. What is not made clear to the non-member in the document is what the Freemasons actually do when they meet once a month, nine months each year.

Honest Answers to Important Questions. As former Masons who have embraced the truth found in Jesus Christ, we are in a unique we have repented of our involvement in Freemasonry and have confessed our involvement in Freemasonry as sin, we have been cleansed from unrighteousness and restored to fellowship with God through our relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.

Form this website you can learn all about Freemasonry, what Freemasonry is, it’s long and varied history, famous Masons throughout the ages, Sheffield’s masonic history from its begining in in Paradise Square to today’s magnificent surroundings of Tapton Hall today. There is information on how to become a Mason, your questions answered, reasons to join Freemasonry, the commitment expected of you and how to take the next step to become a member of this fraternal society.

What exactly is Freemasonry? It is a society of men concerned with moral and spiritual values. Please use the button below for a more in depth understanding of of what Freemasonry is and what masons do. Read More The History of Freemasonry The questions of when, how, why and where Freemasonry originated are still the subject of intense speculation.

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This neutral description objectively reflects the following facts: Notwithstanding this clear separation of two distinct traditions, with different practices, Freemasonry and the Templar Order do share one significant moment of an intersecting point on the timeline of history, which created some shared affinities for ancient knowledge: In the 15th century, surviving Templars taught stonemasons some Gothic building techniques and sacred geometry, which inspired the esoteric foundations of Freemasonry.

Freemasonry was thus established approximately years after the chivalric Knights Templar, making them separate organizations, each with their own unique heritage in its own right. The Sovereign Magistral Order of the Temple of Solomon offers its support to Freemasons and their Lodges, in friendship, to help restore and preserve the original, authentic and uncorrupted Freemasonry, by replenishing it with the full depth of the most ancient knowledge of the Temple of Solomon which originally inspired the Masonic tradition.

The Order recognizes authentic Freemasons as kindred spirits, who share an inspiration and passion for ancient esoteric knowledge of the divine mechanics of consciousness of the universe.

Freemasons have been in the Vatican since at least when John 23 was illegally elected – he was a FM himself. MHFM had spoken to a lady whose relatives were FM and they bragged about killing “Sister Lucy” around that time — or

Yet, the history of the man behind such an honor is rich with industriousness, inventiveness and political genius such that he is perhaps one of a few who could be considered a modern day Renaissance man, both in and out of the fraternity. Franklin was born on January 17, in Boston, MA as calculated by the new style — Gregorian calendar dating. His intelligence and wisdom helped him excel as an author, scientist, philosopher, statesman, and postmaster.

No one can be sure of exactly when Benjamin Franklin was initiated into St. Before his initiation into the Freemason brotherhood, Benjamin Franklin made some lighthearted jokes about fraternity in his publication, the Pennsylvania Gazette. One source says that his joking was to: Thereafter he published many positive and affirming stories in the Gazette about the craft. These publications have become the core for understanding the history of Freemasons in the United States, especially in Pennsylvania.

Franklin was in no way a simple and ordinary member of the Masonic lodge. Franklin continued to be an active member of the fraternity, and he continued to be elected and appointed for many positions. The lodge was to be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Benjamin Franklin was not only involved in Freemasonry in the United States; he also traveled abroad to take part in meetings and lodges which came about in his diplomatic missions to Europe.

He continued to be affiliated with the Lodge of Nine Sisters for years through the funeral services for Voltaire and as master of the Lodge for two years. Voltaire had such affection for Franklin that it was written:

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The Academy meetings are open to any Mason who wishes to attend. If you read Masonic books or hunt them online, you will undoubtedly have come across his Cornerstone Book Publishers. He is one of the most prolific and consistently excellent editors and publishers of both new and heritage books on Freemasonry and esotericism.

Freemasonry under the United Grand Lodge of England is the UK’s largest, secular fraternal and charitable organisation. There are about 5 million Freemasons worldwide. It is a fraternal order, although there are women Freemasons – something to which I shall return shortly. The alchemists were a group of mystics dating from around.

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Alamy Records of over two million practising Freemasons dating back to the 18th century have been uploaded to Ancestry. Launched on Monday 23 November , the latest two collections to join the site feature records digitised from membership registers held at the Library and Museum of Freemasonry in London and the Grand Lodge of Freemasons in Dublin. Spanning , the larger of the two datasets names men that belonged to the United Grand Lodge of England UGLE , which still acts as the governing body for Freemasonry in England, Wales and several countries overseas.

The second collection , which covers the period , provides details of Freemasons belonging to masonic lodges across the 32 historic counties of Ireland, including those that were attached to British Army Regiments in the country.

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Today I am going to speak to you on Freemasonry and the Digital Revolution, but not as a Freemason or as a Masonic historian, but simply as a historian. I was a historian before I became a Freemason. My journey toward the craft began in when I worked at the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania. Freemasonry, of course, being the oldest was the model for most of them. Louis and had given up pursuing Masonic and fraternal history. I therefore, in part, decided to become a Freemason in my hometown in Iowa.

Having studied Freemasonry as a hobby for four years and only being a Mason for 18 months I was placed on very steep Masonic learning curve. Although aided by brother Masons, I still had to rely on my academic training and museum experience to curate the exhibition and write the book. Because I was on tight deadlines I had little time to do in-depth reading of Masonic history. Instead, I built both projects on 10 excellent scholarly books on Freemasonry and American fraternalism. To these I supplemented my research largely through the Internet.

Only when time allowed, or I required specific historical data, did I turn to detailed Masonic histories or used Masonic primary sources, such as Grand Lodge Proceedings of lodge minutes. But when I turned to Masonic sources, either on the Internet or as published materials, I found most of what was available extremely frustrating.

Through the ill-directed and uncoordinated efforts of thousands of inspired and well intentioned individual brothers the Temple of Masonic knowledge is being ravaged.

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Grand Lodge Grand Lodges and Grand Orients are independent and sovereign bodies that govern Masonry in a given country, state, or geographical area termed a jurisdiction. There is no single overarching governing body that presides over worldwide Freemasonry; connections between different jurisdictions depend solely on mutual recognition.

The largest single jurisdiction, in terms of membership, is the United Grand Lodge of England with a membership estimated at around a quarter million. Each Grand Lodge maintains a list of other Grand Lodges that it recognises. When two Grand Lodges are not in amity, inter-visitation is not allowed.

Division Leadership Conference Educational Program – “The Myths of Freemasonry” Introduction. With today’s ability to instantly communicate via the airways, Internet, and print media, one can quickly find so much information about Freemasonry.

Action of State and Church. German Steinmetz, from metzen, “to cut”; and Dutch vrijmetselaar. Hence Speth proposed to interpret the word freemasons as referring to those masons claiming exemption from the control of local guilds of the towns, where they temporarily settled. These freemasons formed a universal craft for themselves, with a system of secret signs and passwords by which a craftsman, who had been admitted on giving evidence of competent skill, could be recognized. On the decline of Gothic architecture this craft coalesced with the mason guilds.

Begemann [7] combats the opinion of Speth [8] as purely hypothetical, stating that the name freemason originally designated particularly skilled freestone-masons, needed at the time of the most magnificent evolution of Gothic architecture , and nothing else. In English law the word freemason is first mentioned in , while frank-mason occurs already in an Act of The modern signification of Freemasonry in which, since about , the word has been universally and exclusively understood, dates only from the constitution of the Grand Lodge of England , In this acceptation Freemasonry, according to the official English, Scottish , American, etc.

The three editions which this “Handbuch” Universal Manual of Freemasonry has had since are most valuable, the work having been declared by English-speaking Masonic critics by far the best Masonic Encyclopedia ever published. The germs of nearly all these fantastic theories are contained in Anderson’s “The Constitutions of Free Masons” , which makes Freemasonry coextensive with geometry and the arts based on it; insinuates that God , the Great Architect, founded Freemasonry, and that it had for patrons, Adam , the Patriarchs , the kings and philosophers of old.

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