Design in the Desert: Seeing behind closed doors at Palm Springs Modernism Week

It also has low humidity and warm temperatures. The warm temperatures turn into triple digits in the summer, so winter is the best time to visit Palm Springs. Between January and April the temperatures are pleasant and this is great for outdoor activities. However, since it is the peak season, room rates will be high. Many people visit Palm Springs between October and December when the weather is nice and the room rates are lower. Despite being one of the coldest months in Palm Springs, the climate is pleasant and will typically require only a light sweater. In February, the temperatures remain quite cool but go up by a few degrees. February also ties with January as the months with the highest precipitation rates with an average that rises just a bit over an inch 29 mm. Palm Springs Weather in March: The coming of March means the the transition of winter to spring for this city.

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The Ecosystem Services concept of a one-way flow of services to people is too simple. We argue that this conceptualisation is overly simplistic and largely inaccurate, neglecting the reality that humans often contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of ecosystems, as often evidenced but not exclusively in many traditional and Indigenous societies. Management interventions arising from Ecosystem Services research are thus potentially damaging to both ecosystems and indigenous rights.

Case studies from the biocultural ecosystems of Amazonia and the Pacific Northwest of North America Cascadia are used to illustrate the concept and provide examples of Services to Ecosystems in past and current societies. Finally, an alternative framework is presented, advancing the existing framework for Ecosystem Services by incorporating this reconceptualization and the loop of reciprocity.

Balochistan (/ b ə ˌ l oʊ tʃ ɪ ˈ s t ɑː n /; Urdu: بلوچِستان ‬ ‎), is one of the four provinces of is the largest province in terms of land area, forming the southwestern region of the country. Its provincial capital and largest city is Quetta.. Balochistan shares borders with Punjab and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the northeast, Sindh to the east and southeast.

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Fantasizing about life on a yacht? Can you give me any tips on how to find opportunities to sail from Southern California to Hawaii? A few years ago, I sailed from the Caribbean to Portugal on a small sailboat.

reviews of Palm Springs Rendezvous “Really words can’t describe the appreciation we have for Wayne making our stay here so great and unforgettable just thank you!!!! We stayed in two rooms our favorite by far being the Route 66, super cool.

Our Showboards will make your vehicle stand out from the others! What makes Palmieri Concepts Design Studio different from other companies is that we do not require you use a template. Each design is custom just for you, making your vehicle stand out. Our designs are not a collage of pictures with words, but a piece of artwork to complement your vehicle and its unique features. Show how patriotic you are and include a flag in the background of your board.

The examples below are with the USA flag, however, we can do any flag, including the flag from the origin of your vehicle. We use year inks with UV Ultra Violet protection minimizing fade from light and the sun. Professional, top quality photographic papers and vinyl’s. The best lamination materials with UV protection keeping the colors crisp, with a protective low glare finish. Only top quality materials are used- Showboads mounted on sintra semi-rigid light weight – not flimsy foamboard Our manufacturing equipment is state-of-the-art professional quality.

First step is to select a design option and size to meet your needs and price range Option 1: This is a great option if you want something that you can frame yourself, or to hang on your wall as is. Shipped to you rolled in a tube.

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The recession has hit the housing market hard, including planned communities for retirees. That is no less true when it comes to housing for GLBT seniors. Across the country, planned communities for retiring gays and lesbians have been on the drawing board, but have had a hard time getting underway. One such project, undertaken by RainbowVision California LLC , has suffered a setback with the land intended for a planned retirement community catering to the silver GLBT set reverting to a lender for the project.

The planned community had enjoyed promotion by tennis star Billie Jean King, the article said, but the economic realities of the situation forced the project to stall.

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This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. September Learn how and when to remove this template message Map showing the sites and extent of the Indus Valley Civilisation. Mohenjo-Daro and Mehrgarh were among centers of the Indus Valley Civilisation in the modern-day province.

Balochistan marked the westernmost territory of the civilisation, which was one of the most developed in the old Bronze Age in the world. Balochistan occupies the very southeastern-most portion of the Iranian Plateau , the setting for the earliest known farming settlements in the pre- Indus Valley Civilisation era, the earliest of which was Mehrgarh , dated at BC, within the province. Balochistan marked the westernmost extent of the Civilisation. Centuries before the arrival of Islam in the 7th Century, parts of Balochistan was ruled by the Paratarajas , an Indo-Scythian dynasty.

At certain times, the Kushans also held political sway in parts of Balochistan. After conquering Zaranj, a column of the army pushed north, conquering Kabul and Ghazni , in the Hindu Kush mountain range, while another column moved through Quetta District in north-western Balochistan and conquered the area up to the ancient cities of Dawar and Qandabil Bolan. During the caliphate of Ali , revolt broke out in southern Balochistan’s Makran region.

Most of the area would eventually revert to local Baloch control after Afghan rule.


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It takes almost half hour to reach the sand dunes of Erg chebbi on top a camel. Then, we will leave the camels in about 80 meters to reach the highest dune. For those who want to see a panoramic view they must climb to the top, it will takes them another 30 minutes. After having enjoying that short time we travel back to the hotel.

Before we start out on our journey, we ack our camels with everything we will need from our hotel near the dunes of Merzouga. And we head towards a small oasis taking pictures and enjoying the ride through the goldens sand dunes. When we arrive to our destination, you will climb the high dunes to enjoy the sunset. At night we will serve you a delicious dinner around a big fire while listening to drum music or enjoying the clear sky full of sparkling starts and the soft breeze of the desert caressing your hair.

After dinner, you will enjoy you sleep under a nomadic tent. The next morning will start with breakfast in the open air and under a palm tree. After that you will journey in the desert to send unforgettable moments with the nomads and have lunch with them. In the afternoon you will head back to camp site and leave to camels to start enjoying other activities in the dunes, we will take our boards and start sand boarding just like snowboarding but in a more fun way. And in the evening, we head back to Merzouga to mark the end of the trip.

The Camel Trek will start right into the Desert for 1h, We will spend the night in the Sahara Desert ,this is a great opportunity to take lovely pictures of the sunset and sunrise , when we arrive at the camp we walk to the high dunes to see the sunset ,It will be a magical night when the sky is clear of cover and stars sparkle and shine with intensity.

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Date Palm Information Phoenix dactylifera, is popularly known as the date palm. Although commonly referred to as a “palm tree”, they are actually a true palm not a tree, and all palms, including the date palm, belong to a group of plants that are known as monocotyledons which include grasses, bamboos, palms, lilies, daffodils, irises, hostas, and orchids. There are many other palms that produce edible drupes or dates, however their “dates” are almost all seed with very little flesh and most are quite small.

Only phoenix dactylifera – the true “date palm” produces the large edible dates that are cultivated and sold today. The female phoenix dactylifera palm produces dates from 1 to 3 inches long with varying degrees of sweetness.

Jared Mecham, then superintendent and executive director of Hope Academy Charter School, speaks to the graduating Class of in a ceremony at Copper Mountain College.

The former director, Jared Mecham, who resigned from Hope Academy on April 14, , denied any wrongdoing in an interview with the Hi-Desert Star last month. But auditors from the Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team, an agency authorized by the state Legislature to investigate schools, say they found evidence that Mecham used Hope Academy, a public charter school that started in Yucca Valley, to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit for himself and his wife.

Kyle Hannah, current superintendent of Hope Academy, said the school has severed relations with Mecham, his family and his company. The monthly fee was almost six times what Hope had paid its previous business services provider and is more than twice what the current contractor gets. Mecham signed the contract as superintendent of Hope while he was a principal officer in SavantCo. The state government code prohibits a public employee from engaging in a contract that he or she has a personal financial interest in.

The investigation team found no indication that the board of directors ever approved the payments. The study team could not determine if the board of directors approved the additional amount. Hope also signed contract with two other Mecham companies.

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A geographical map of Africa, showing the ecological break that defines the Saharan area. An oasis in the Ahaggar Mountains. Oases support some life forms in extremely arid deserts.

DESERT FATHERS OF EGYPT AND CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHY. The early phase of Coptic monasticism is more complex than generally thought. One of the most evocative periods in the history of Christianity, the various texts associated with Antony, Pakhom, .

The year-old reality star showed off all her curves as she posed for the sexy pictures for her website on the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Sunday. The mother-of-one may be one of the most photographed women in the world but Kim explained that she was always worried about a dry skin condition before taking off her clothes for a photographer. Scroll down for video For art: The reality star soaked up the sun and the attention on her photo shoot On your marks: A make-up artist touched up the star’s body work between takes Earning her stripes: Kim tried out a few crazy moves during the nude shoot ‘I have psoriasis, there is nothing I can do about it so there is no reason why I should feel uncomfortable,’ she explained.

I just want to do fun and artsy things.

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