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Wikipedia The following are some examples of the slang of the United States Navy , you will also see references to the United States Marine Corps as well because of their use of naval terminology sometimes also referred to as NAVSpeak. Note that in the Navy, many ships and units have nicknames; these are listed separately, in Appendix: A slang term for any time between midnight and daylight. Used to convey that the time is when people are usually asleep. A slang term that is used to describe that the commencement time of an operation or exercise is after midnight and before daylight; most typically when people would be deep asleep. It is not a reference to any particular time.

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And to the rest of them, it could mean anything in between these two sexual boundaries.

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My happy thought will help you. What’s your happy thought, Thud? Do you remember your mother, Peter? I wish I had a dad Tie down the main mast, mateys, ’cause here he is, the cunning kingfish, the bad barracuda! A man so deep, he’s almost unfathomable. A man so quick, he’s even fast Now, let’s give him a very big hand, ’cause he’s only got one.

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Watch video · The main strength of “Groundhog Day” comes from a strong and inventive screenplay which enables Bill Murray to go through all the different states which is logical because if tomorrow is the same day, anything goes for him!

What exactly do you do for a living, Mr. I rip and run. I robs drug dealers. And exactly how long has this been your occupation, Mr. Well, I don’t know exactly. I venture to say maybe ’bout eight or nine years. Little, how does a man rob drug dealers for eight or nine years and live to tell about it? Day at a time, I suppose. You are amoral, are you not?

You are feeding off the violence and the despair of the drug trade. You’re stealing from those who themselves are stealing the lifeblood from our city.

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I’m fighting for the people I love. Ultimately, I am a hero. And light cannot destroy darkness, it can only create more light.

View credits, reviews, track listings and more about the US Vinyl release of Belly Up by Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show.

Brutus struck a dagger into the dying Caesar. Lightning struck the spire. May God strike you dead! The ship struck a rock. A shrill peal of bells struck their ears. A happy thought struck him. How does it strike you?

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About 70 percent of the revenue generated from online sex transactions in the U. To put it another way: The Village Voice Media-owned online classified ad service could be seen as the main source for online sex in the U.

I Got the Hook Up. K likes. A truckload of cell phones turns into a boatload of cash!

Ooh, but it has played merry hell with his diary. Do you want to see the gear? Have a little dwell on that. That folder encapsulates it all. He is almost bursting with pride as he shows them off. But what I got was: The last 48 hours were the worst — grind, grind, grind. When it came out at midnight — radio and teletext at the same time — it was such a relief.

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I’m going to get the axe if the boss finds out that printing error was my fault. To be ended or stopped abruptly. I’m so disappointed that my favorite show got the axe this year. Be discharged or fired, expelled, or rejected. For example, He got the ax at the end of the first week, or The manager was stunned when he got the boot himself, or We got the bounce in the first quarter, or The pitcher got the hook after one inning, or Bill finally gave his brother-in-law the sack.

All but the last of these slangy expressions date from the s and s.

Dec 17,  · Apparently nannies are just too irresistible, because Tarek El Moussa is the latest to get the bug. We’ve learned Tarek hooked up with year-old .

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They had played the South, up and down the East Coast, and into the Midwest before breaking up. Cummings, who moved to New Jersey with the plan of forming a new band, brought back Sawyer to rejoin him. They then took on future primary vocalist, New Jersey native Dennis Locorriere , at first as a bass player. Francis, who had returned south after the Chocolate Papers broke up, returned to be the new band’s keyboardist.

When told by a club owner that they needed a name to put on a poster in the window of his establishment, Cummings made a sign: Hook and the Medicine Show:

Yeah, way, way, way up Turn it all up, yeah, look [Hook] I got enemies, got a lot of enemies Got a lot of people tryna drain me of my energy They tryna take the wave from a nigga.

Thudbutt between a pirate’s legs, right before he hit a plank at his groin. This is probably why, after Rufio’s death, Peter chooses him to lead the Lost Boys. Peter, when Rufio is killed. Combined with Kick the Dog. Moira, get the kids out of here, will you? I’m on the phone call of my life! Peter and Rufio’s competition of Volleying Insults over dinner already has elements of this throughout, but when Peter starts winning the crowd’s approval, Rufio loses his cool and comes up with this: For all the swordplay, there isn’t much blood, not even when Rufio is killed.

However, there’s visible blood during the Pan-Hook duel. Break Them by Talking: Hook does this with Peter in their final fight when the former pins the latter. You realize this isn’t all real, don’t you? This is all a dream!

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Dinos Online on idealtanitim. It is looted from Stitchwork. More likely, one of the steps to the skin itself may be gated behind Artifact Knowledge randoj as several were discovered at AK and likely will continue to behence why nobody has seen it. Both goals proved fruitless, and the Decepticons were driven off. Through the forest to grandmother’s house Little Red Riding Hood goes.

Gary Hobson is a stockbroker that got fired from his job and his wife found him uninteresting and kicked him out. You see it’s quite simple. Everyday an orange cat comes to .

Feb 20, , I only have 4 wires coming out of my wall. WOW I don’t know what kind of thermostat you had but I have never heard of terminals like you quoted. Here is the normal wiring on a four wire thermostat heating and cooling thermostat with out a heat pump. Red goes to the R terminal. The is the hot wire coming from the transformer.

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Vitruvius[ edit ] One day, a talented lass or fellow, a special one with face of yellow, will make the Piece of Resistance found from it’s hiding refuge underground, and with a noble army at the helm, this Master Builder will thwart the Kragle and save the realm, and be the greatest, most interesting, most important person of all times. All this is true because it rhymes. I know it sounds like a cat poster but it’s true.

President Business[ edit ] All I’m asking for is total perfection. Hi, I’m President Business, president of the Octan corporation and the world.

Main article: I Got the Hook Up (soundtrack) A soundtrack containing hip hop music was released on March 23, by No Limit Records. It peaked at #3 on the Billboard and #1 .

Hooking the Wii up to the TV is a quick process, and you can be playing games in just a couple of minutes! See Step 1 below to get started. Steps 1 Check what kinds of connectors your TV supports. These are typically colored Red, White, and Yellow. Newer TVs may also support component five-pronged connectors.

Wiis come packaged with an RCA cable. If your TV supports it, component cables will provide a clearer picture and allow for widescreen. Plug the video cable into the back of the Wii and match the colored prongs with their matching ports on the TV. Make note of what input you are connecting to. Plug the cable for the sensor bar into the back of the Wii. Place the sensor bar either on top or below your TV, preferably as centered as possible.

The cable plugs into the back of the Wii, and into any wall socket or power strip. Switch the TV to the input that you plugged the Wii into. You should see the Wii start up screen on the TV.

Labi Siffre – I Got The… (1975)