Ontario’s PC government introduces legislation to scrap cap-and-trade

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By Russ Bassdozer Ever wonder what it would be like to be a tackle industry insider? Be among the very first anglers to find out about new products for by some seventy bass fishing tackle companies, and gain insight into twenty major trends shaping the bass tackle industry today. You have a mere three days to walk the show floor alongside thousands of other tackle industry insiders, visiting as many of the tackle manufacturer booths as time permits an impossible task , scribbling notes and snapping photos of the hot new products for bass fishing for It takes a few more days after that to sort ICAST all out, and some solid writing sessions to get this report produced for you.

I hope you enjoy reading it. So be forewarned that something that looks and sounds swell at ICAST may fail miserably on the water. Even some items that win Best of Show awards there are twelve product categories at ICAST may not make it onto the market and may not win real-life angler approval hands-on the water. Going bass fishing for other species. A trend most visible at ICAST this year is several leading bass tackle manufacturers going fishing for other species – inshore saltwater species redfish, sea trout, calico and kelp bass, etc.

In general, these are gamefish that would hit the same or similar styles and sizes of lures as bass. On bass hard baits for instance, corrosion-resistant, possibly stronger hooks and saltwater color finishes may be all that’s needed to turn many bass lures into inshore saltwater lures. A few nimble bass fishing companies seem eager to cross over to other species markets this year.

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The addition of a Tour Grade Trailer Hook can aid in minimizing short strikes. This loud and aggressive technique can aggravate a big bass into biting in stained as well clear water, although shallow is .

I’m here to tell you that this is probably one of the simplest plumbing job you will ever have to do. First, lets talk about the different type of tubing and valves you might use for this operation. Some people still prefer this method, but some of us have moved on. Let take a look at what these look like. It’s the most reliable and quickest to install. Let’s begin by showing you this method since it’s the fastest, and I know how anxious people are to get the ice maker going.

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The eggs hatch out in late November through December. Chinooks are stocked as 3 inch fingerlings in May or June. Besides shore stocking, some of the salmon are also pen stocked. Pen stocking allows recently stocked fish a chance to acclimate to their new surroundings and offers some protection from predators. Fish and feed are provided from the NYSDEC Salmon River Fish Hatchery while the sportsmen’s groups build and maintain the pens and feed and take care of the fish for approximately 3 weeks.

Jul 15,  · Muskie Fishing-> Lures,Tackle, and Equipment-> Dive and rise vs Too many fish try to hit a side to side and miss. They are much harder to get good hook sets on. I do use a walleye phantom soft tail though when nothing else is going. Each has their place but dive and rise baits have a better hook up ratio than side to side. andreula.

It is the first Tour level event they ever fish. Their grand entrance into the sport of big-time pro bass fishing. Not always, but often. Overwhelmed by a new body of water. Overwhelmed competing against legendary anglers. Overwhelmed by financial obligations to compete at that level. Overwhelmed by self-imposed pressure to perform out of the gate. Needless to say, the odds are stacked against a rookie at their first event.

He had finished the year ranked in 7th place. His best finish of his Costa campaign was a 10th place check at none other than Lake Okeechobee. When the dust settled, the checks were cut, the stage was torn down and all the anglers had departed Clewiston, Florida, Tim Frederick found himself a victim of the aforementioned scenario.

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Steve has put out some interesting recordings himself in recent years. A cataract condition left him blind at age 13 and he was sent to the Oregon State School for the Blind, where he began his musical education. An experimental surgical procedure later restored Martin’s sight, but in the interim he lost both of his parents, so he spent the remainder of his childhood in the care of older sister Nellie, learning the logging trade from her husband Bill Woolsey, a self-taught musical instrument maker who handcrafted his own guitars, fiddles, and dulcimers.

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Watch video · TORONTO — Ontario’s new Progressive Conservative government expects to spend up to $5 million to compensate companies that bought into the province’s cap-and-trade .

Let me tell you the first thing you need to know about drop shotting. But hear me out. Most fishermen have it in their heads that it’s some kind of hoodoo, voodoo way to catch a fish. They think it is hard to learn, hard to do and only works in those clear lakes out West. But they are wrong and, most of the time, they won’t have any fish in their livewells because they are too stubborn to learn. If I were you I wouldn’t pay a bit of attention to these guys. Follow me here and I’ll have you catching good sacks of bass while they complain about everything under the sun.

When I first started to use a drop shot there was really only one way to do it. We would look for deep-water fish on our depth finders then drop the rig right in front of their noses. Either they would eat it or not but most of the time we would catch them. The hard part was finding the deep fish that would hold on the cover long enough for us to catch them. All that has changed over the years. Now we know that you can use a drop shot rig to catch most any fish including bedding fish, post spawn fish and even tough winter fish.

We catch them out deep and we catch them shallow.

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Story continues below Rod Phillips introduced a bill that, if passed, will lay out the legal framework to wind down cap and trade, as well as the criteria for companies seeking to be reimbursed for costs incurred through the program. Doug Ford says his first order of business as Ontario premier is cancelling cap and trade The proposed legislation would also protect the province from any potential litigation over the decision, the government said.

Critics were quick to call the move disruptive for business, saying it will likely be challenged in court despite the immunity built into the bill. But Phillips said he believes it will be well received.

Snatch Blocks & Wire Rope Pulleys Snatch blocks and wire rope pulleys are common lifting mechanisms used for rigging. Using a snatch block in a block and tackle application reduces the amount of force required to lift an abnormally heavy object.

According the site, the people seen in this still from video streamed online were caught by a surveillance camera attempting to cross a river from Mexico to Texas. The problem, as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said this week during her visit to Mexico , is that drugs and guns pass too easily across the porous border between the two countries. Clinton acknowledged on Wednesday, the Mexican government has good reason to hold America at least partly responsible for the ultra-violent drug war taking place in Mexico right now — a war that has spilled over the border into several American states.

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