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They achieved it thanks to their sophisticated knowledge of positional astronomy and celestial navigation. The Disney film Moana has drawn attention to these accomplishments and helped inform a new generation about the complexity of Indigenous astronomy. But Polynesian voyaging extends beyond this triangle; there is strong evidence they reached the coast of South America and sub-Antarctic islands. During production, Disney created the Oceanic Story Trust — a board of experts, including Polynesian locals and elders — to advise on cultural accuracy. The film accomplished this reasonably well, especially in respect to celestial navigation, despite the producers facing criticism for cultural appropriation and commodification. Navigating by hand To navigate the wide expanse of the Pacific, voyagers need to map the stars to determine their position from our perspective here on Earth. If you can identify the stars as they rise and set, and if you have memorised where they rise and set, you can find your direction.

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Draw Bounce Draw a line with your mouse and let the ball bounce to the star. With power ups, and over 50 fun levels. You will be hooked.

Shoes. W Intl Speedway Blvd, “Our hook up guy got fired. 😭” JonesyFit. More from CCS Skate. CCS Skateshop Brandon Town Center Mall Ste CCS Skateshop Boynton Beach Mall N. Congress Ave, STE. A. CCS Skateshop Citrus .

We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Most muscle pulls occur from either lifting too much weight, doing something too often repetition , moving awkwardly or experiencing trauma car accident, sports injury. This may require taking a few days off work or away from the team, but muscles recover quicker if they are given the appropriate time to rest.

If your muscle pull takes longer than a few weeks to recover, then either a significant proportion of the muscle fibers are torn or there’s involvement of a related joint and ligaments. A moderate-to severe muscle strain will usually cause a bruise to form pretty quickly, which indicates some blood vessels that feed the muscle are damaged and leaking. If your muscle strain is acute within a few days old , then inflammation is likely an issue and should be addressed.

White blood cells clean up the debris from the damaged cells and connective tissue and lay the framework for a healing response; however, too much inflammation creates pressure, which causes more pain. As such, using cold therapy ice or a frozen gel pack wrapped in a thin towel should be applied to muscle strains as soon as possible because it constricts local blood vessels and reduces the inflammation response.

Compressing the ice against the muscle pull with the help of an elasticized bandage will help to further impede the swelling, as will elevating the affected area. If your muscle strain has lingered on and become chronic longer than a month old , then inflammation control is not such a pressing issue.

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Well, we think it’s a good introduction for a short story about a couple of d. What you’ll see on our site has been existing and growing for a couple of years now and the official establishment of the company does not mean that we want to get as much money as possible out of you… it means we want you to contribute as much money you think it is enough to support what we stand for.

You’ll never see us driving an expensive sports car, wearing brand new 80 euro shoes or a 40 euro T-shirt. We are quite happy with our fucked up clothes, torn shoes and a sandwich for lunch. We can ensure you that every euro earned with this company is going straight back into skateboarding building ramps, bowls, skate spots and more.

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Share this article Share However, despite its promises of anonymity, the app appears to have a serious glitch that could cause serious problems for users who prefer discretion. Like other Facebook apps, when users sign up to the service it shows a screen asking them if they are sure, but also showing which of their friends are already using the app. For many users, the revelation that they are out trawling for sex over Facebook could be the source of serious embarrassment.

A second glitch seems to be that once users have indicated they are ‘Down to Bang’ a friend, there appears to be no way to revoke it – the button no longer works once it has switched to ‘Awaiting Bang’. This screengrab of the Bang With Friends app authorisation screen shows how pictures of any friend who is already signed up to the service are shown – which could be embarrassing Buzzfeed writer Katie Heaney described the idea behind the app as ‘icky’. Shouldn’t you already kind of know your chances with your Facebook friends?

MailOnline contacted the developers for comment, but has as yet received no response.

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Friday Fix Vans With over 40 years of history, Vans is one of the top manufacturers of skate shoes and snowboard boots. From grassroot beginnings in the sixties, Vans is now a dominant force in the action sports world. Within a few years, the young, local skate scene adopted Vans shoes as their favourite brand to skate in.

They were worn by the likes Dog Town legends Stacy Peralta and Tony Alva and soon enough, as skateboarding spread across the globe, Vans became a household name. They were the first company to ever make a professional skate shoe and their snowboard boots and apparel epitomize the Southern California lifestyle that Vans represents.

Vans snowboarding gear is the perfect combination of street smart style with mountain performance, ensuring that you look good and stay warm and dry.

The DC Boys’ Hook Up Full Zip Hoodie features include: warm, thick sweatshirt fabric, brushed on the inside for a super-soft feel, hooded, printed jersey logo & hood lining, classic and comfortable regular fit.

Campsites are nestled in a mixed forest of aspen, cottonwood, pine, fir, scrub oak, and spruce, and several are at the river’s edge, offering an ideal setting for guests seeking recreation and relaxation. In the heart of the Rocky Mountains, the 2. Wildlife in the area abounds. Bighorn sheep navigate rocky ridges and bull elk bugle at dusk. Scenic rivers sustain populations of cutthroat, rainbow, and brown trout. Alpine regions provide habitat for pika and ptarmigan.

These species, along with many others, depend on surrounding undeveloped wilderness, clean streams, and diverse forests to live. The Roaring Fork River flows by the campground, a tributary of the mighty Colorado. Renowned for its fly fishing, the Roaring Fork River sustains populations of large rainbow, brown, cutthroat and brook trout.

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Hook-Ups Skateboards offers a huge they eventually expanded into skateboard gear and accessories. Growing up, Jeremy Klein was one of my favorite skateboarders because it seemed like he was into all the stuff that I was: Hook up skateboard girls We teamed up with artist joel barbour to bring you this colourful triptych series. Set up to deliver with great pop and durability.

Surf Shop Our surf clothing and equipment shop has every aspect of beach life covered. The selection of leading brands, hardware designs and apparel make this choice of items unbeatable.

I hope you realize that you’ll be skating on thin ice if you decide to gamble your employees’ retirement funds on such a dodgy investment. Timmy, get your skates on, or we’ll be late to the party! If these guys don’t get their skates on, we’ll be here moving boxes all day. You’re on thin ice, Jefferson. If you come in late one more time, you’re fired! Following his recent comments, the senator has found himself on thin ice with his constituents.

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This is a rare, limited edition item from Hook Hook up skateboard girls. Only released for a limited time, these will not be. Hoo may be taller than 5’3″ hook up skateboard girls a shoe size of 9 or up. Hook-Ups Skateboards offers a huge they eventually expanded into skateboard gear skteboard accessories. I was met that when you no to work at U with J Stickland you guys would idea at the pan hook up skateboard girls late doing zip.

Skate Suede Shoe Lakai Black Porter Photo Credit: (, 5 KOs) kept his record unblemished by delivering a second-round TKO at with a strong left hook over fellow countryman Pablo “El Zankudo Letal” Cruz (, 3 KOs) Summer Ankle D’Orsay Womens up Sandals Espadrilles Wrap Platform Flat B Syktkmx Strap Lace khaki SFzqwUxY.

I hope you realize that you’ll be skating on thin ice if you decide to gamble your employees’ retirement funds on such a dodgy investment. Timmy, get your skates on, or we’ll be late to the party! If these guys don’t get their skates on, we’ll be here moving boxes all day. You’re on thin ice, Jefferson: Following his recent comments, the senator has found himself on thin ice with conservative voters.

When Lulu was overweight, she was awkward as a cow on a crutch. Tom will never be a gymnast. He’s as awkward as a cow on roller skates! See also skate on thin ice ; walk on thin ice. Billy is on thin ice and is in great danger.

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